Club M

The Wine of the Month Club showcases the best wines the Meritage staff finds each month. Since there are as many different wine-drinking preferences as there are grape varietals, our club is designed to expose your palate to these many variations and help you develop your own preferences. Designed to meet each member’s individual needs, you sign up for the mix of flavor and price point you desire to try each month.


Tier 1 Connoisseurs Club: 

*   2 bottles of Red

*   2 Bottles of White

*   1 Red and 1 White

In the Connoisseurs Club each member will sign up to receive two bottles of wine each month from the above selections for a total cost before tax of $55-$65. Members can sign up for multiple selections, however please note that each selection is a fixed set. 


Tier 2 Collector's Club:  

*   1 Bottle Prestige Napa Red 

In the Collector's Club you will receive one bottle of hand selected, unique, highly allocated, collectable Cabernet or Bordeaux blend between $75-$125 each month. Members in the Collector's Club can sign up for 1-6 bottles. Due to the limited production of these wines we reserve the right to allocate bottles to members.  The Collector's Club members also receive a copy of the Wine Spectator magazine each month.


** Please note: The minimum subscription for joining Club M is 3 months. There will be no substitutions or changes once you have selected which club to join. You may however change your selection for the following month, or cancel at any time, as long as you do so by the first day of the   previous month. (ex. you may change your selection from 2 reds to 2 whites for April as long as you do so before March 1st)


Wine Club Member Benefits:

*   You will receive discounts on the regular shelf price of wine purchased in the store (Excluding sale offerings)

     -Connoisseurs Club members will receive 5% off of regular-priced wine you purchase in the store.

     -Collector's Club members will receive 10% off regular-priced wine purchases, which is equivalent to our case price on bottle one. 


*   Receive discounted Friday Flights in the Tasting Room.  Friday night tasting tickets are normally $30 per person, but Club M members receive a discounted price of $20 per person (max 2 tickets) on regular tastings only, excludes special events.

*   Deep-discount club pricing on ALL wines offered in ALL club categories for 8 weeks after the Club release. If you loved your club wine and want to pickup more, or if last month’s White looked intriguing, you have two full months to get it at the Club price! (while supplies last)

*   Detailed notes written by Meritage staff emphasizing why we selected the wines and our own tasting notes and impressions.

*   You & a guest are invited to a special annual Wine Club tasting where we can relax and enjoy lots of fantastic wine together!