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  • Pellegrini Russian River Rules!

    The Pellegrini family began in the wine business in early 1900's when Nello and Gino arrived in New York. They eventually made their way to the west coast and began a business shipping wine grapes all over the US for home wine making. In 1933 immediately after Prohibition the brother established the Pellegrini Wine Company again shipping Sonoma grapes and also producing fine wine for restaurants and wine shops in the Bay area.

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  • Italy Wine Tasting - Friday, May 12th!

    Today, Italy’s role in the wine industry is as important as ever. In addition to being one of the world’s largest consumers of wine, Italy is the world’s largest wine producer (surpassing a title previously claimed by France) and produces just under 5 billion liters of wine each year.

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  • 2011 Pintia by Vega Sicilia

    Vega Sicilia also produces wines in several other areas of Spain, and the one that got me over-the-moon excited for the second year in a row was the Vega Sicilia Pintia Toro. This wine is an absolutely gorgeous Tempranillo crafted at Vega Sicilia's winery located in the Toro region of north western Spain. The brand new 2011 Pintia Toro is nothing short of fabulous!!!

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  • Miura SLH Pinot Noir by Master Sommelier

    Owner Emanuel Kemiji and several chefs thought that making a bit of wine for their restaurant program could be a fun thing to do and over the next 20 years the idea has grown into an incredible project. Emanuel was the Director of Wine and Spirits for the Ritz Carlton from 1988 to 1999 and 1989 became the 12th American to pass the Master Sommelier exam in London and was one of only 10 people to do so on his first attempt. In 1999 Emanuel left to work full time at Miura and his sister winery in Spain called Clos Pissara.

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  • All Or Nothing!

    This wine is chocked full of tooth-staining blue and black fruits, layers of toasted vanilla oak and cracked pepper spice and all of the velvet-textured wild berry cobbler, dark raspberry and chocolaty decadence you can possibly pack into a bottle.....this is some seriously in-your-face Napa juice! Game on.....

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