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  1. Camut 6 Year Old Calvados

    Camut 6 Year Old Calvados


    A fantastic aperitif, this Calvados is a blend of more than 30 varieties of both pears and apples. Touches of cedar and butter cream waft from the glass and a rich, elegant palate carries fantastic baked apple notes. Pair this with a pear or apple tart or simply to be enjoyed outside after sunset on the beach.

    Price: $92.00

  2. Malahat Black Tea Rum

    Malahat Black Tea Rum

    Distiller Notes:

    Our Black Tea Rum is incredibly well balanced, clean and smooth with the distinct flavor of black tea to awaken the palate. The boldness of the natural black tea leaves is a perfect complement to our rum. A perfect summer drink whether you have it on the rocks with a lemon wedge or mixed with your favorite lemonade.

    35% ALC/VOL

    Price: $42.00

  3. Dalwhinnie 15yr Scotch

    Dalwhinnie 15yr Scotch

    Distiller Notes: "This classic Highland malt, Dalwhinnie ages slowly to develop a remarkable character. Fifteen years of gentle aging make it a smooth and subtle malt. Take your time to discover creamy vanilla, heather honey and just a hint of Highland smoke."

    Price: $70.00

  4. La Fortaleza Tequila Blanco

    La Fortaleza Tequila Blanco

    Distiller Notes: Aromas of citrus, and rich cooked agave fill your nose in this unique and very special blanco tequila. Also present: butter, olive, earth, black pepper, and a deep inviting vegetal complexity. Flavors include citrus, cooked agave, vanilla, basil, olive, and lime. The finish is long and deep, complex yet easy to drink. Fortaleza Blanco is a true aficionado’s tequila."

    Price: $47.00

  5. Corralejo Triple Distilado Reposado Tequila

    Corralejo Triple Distilado Reposado Tequila

    Distiller Information:

    "100% agave reposado tequila, a unique product of the Corralejo family obtained from the triple distillation of fermented blue agave musts from weber's blue agave, making it a product of great purity and excellent quality.

    Colour: Straw yellow with golden hues.


    Price: $35.00

  6. Oban 18yr Scotch

    Oban 18yr Scotch

    Whisky Advocate 91pts: "Drier, less toffee and fruit, more dried spice and oak when compared to the standard Oban 14 year old. A beautiful combination of rich, nutty toffee balanced by polished oak, salt, pepper, seaweed, distant smoke, and dried fruit. Somewhat oily in texture. Wonderful depth, too! An improvement on what is already the biggest-selling Diageo single malt scotch in the U.S. Very exciting and dynamic. (Vol....

    Price: $135.00

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